Leaving California? Where are they going?

November 28, 2023
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Some parts of California are losing residents due to the high cost of living, politics, and crime. More than 800,000 people moved out of California in 2022, according to the US Census Bureau. After subtracting the number of people who moved to California, California lost almost 370,000 residents.

1. Funding politically driven programs that have little or no oversight.
2. California is considered the least business friendly state due to its tax rates.
3. High Crime stores like Walgreens are pulling out of LA and other major California cities do to the new weak on crime laws that allow looters to steel with little or no punishment causing profits to drop.

Where are they going?

ST. LOUIS – , revealing a trend of Americans relocating eastward and southward towards more affordable areas with comparable amenities to major metropolitan areas.

As per the study, tracking the migration, Vermont remains a popular destination, attracting inbound moves. Among those moving to Vermont, the primary motivation was to be closer to family, followed by a desire for a lifestyle change.

In the Southeast region, states like South Carolina, North Carolina, and Alabama have gained popularity, experiencing a significant percentage of inbound moves. Aligning with this trend, Arkansas and West Virginia have notably risen in the rankings, joining the list of top inbound states in 2023.

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Nevada and Utah and Colorado have toped the list due to its business friendly attitude and no state tax!

Moving InThe top inbound states

- Utah
- Colorado
- Nevada
- Vermont
- South Carolina
- Arkansas
- North Carolina
- South Dakota
- New Mexico
- West Virginia

Moving Out of California and swapping out hard working tax payers with non contributing individuals who sucking on the nipple of the far left agenda. We see no end in sight. The Gov just seems to just keep bowering money to feed the freeloading voters until it is finally it reaches the end.

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